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While serving the Nashville area using holistic medicine as a chiropractor for over 22 years, Dr. Ries has always been mindful about expanding into cutting-edge technological advances in preventative medicine. Resulting from exciting discoveries and a personal experience in life-changing weight loss, Dr. Ries developed a tremendously successful weight loss and body-balancing program. It’s that program that has enabled the clients of White Oak Wellness to achieve their goals of permanent lifestyle change and transformation ever since.


Dr. Ries grew up in Indiana but has lived most of his life in Nashville, TN. Since the young age of 5, he knew he was going to be a doctor. Through exposure to the profession of Chiropractic Medicine while at Liberty University in Virginia, he felt called by God to go in the direction of Chiropractic to serve people with natural and holistic medicine.

In 1995 after Liberty University and 4 years at Palmer Chiropractic University in Iowa, Dr. Ries and his wife, Melissa, moved to the Nashville area, and he began a private practice. Throughout the 22 plus years of practice, Dr. Ries has pushed to learn and expand into the technological advances in holistic and preventive medicine and anti-aging. He has a passion for helping people transform lives naturally, and he understands what it takes to make a permanent lifestyle change. Through discovery and personal experience, he developed a program of weight loss and body balance that has had tremendous success with the clients in his clinic. 

"With this technology", says Dr. Ries, "I was able to lose 41 lbs quicker than anything I had ever done... I never had thought that would be possible or as easy as it truly was. Then maintaining the weight and understanding what I need to do to keep that weight off is something that very few people that have had weight issues know how to do. We help our clients take off weight quickly and then teach and empower them to understand how they can now make this permanent change. It is a tremendously rewarding experience to help people in this way and to watch miracles happen every day. It starts with balancing the body. Without a balanced body it's nearly impossible to keep that weight off permanently." Dr. Ries has devoted is career to helping advance this lifestyle change as well as bring technology to the wellness field that is transformational to lives that seek out care at his clinics. He lives in Franklin, TN with his wife of 30 years and his 4 children, two sons and two daughters, live nearby in beautiful Franklin, TN as well.

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