We offer a money back GUARANTEE  that you will lose at least 20 lbs in just 6 weeks!

(your program will be extended or you will receive a pro-rated refund if you have followed our recommendations and not lost at least 20 lbs)

This IS the ANSWER you've been searching for!

At White Oak Wellness we help you uncover what the ROOT cause of your weight gain, poor health, hormone imbalance, or sluggish metabolism really is!

Countless diets and weight loss programs promise a better life, for which people are spending enormous amounts of money in search of solutions, hope, and success.


These programs are actually a part of the problem, NOT the SOLUTION! The hormone and neurotransmitter disrupters and pre-packaged foods common in these programs are actually training the body to store fat and are slowing down metabolism.


Losing weight on a diet causes you to lose water, muscle, and the wrong kind of fat, and after the diet, you end up gaining more weight than before while

NEVER ADDRESSING THE ROOT CAUSE of the weight gain in the first place!

It is with a breakthrough in

cellular bio-communication that we can know EXACTLY what your body needs for optimal weight loss.

We use absolutely no drugs, no pills, and no chemicals. You eat REAL foods! This program will completely change your life, health, and weight!

See what our clients are saying...

 starts withYOU!
Hi! I'm Dr. Eric Ries. Thank you for visiting us.
I have helped 1000's of people just like you completely transform their lives, from the inside out, using my doctor designed program and incredible technological breakthroughs. 
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Jan Morykwas

28 lbs. in 40 days!

"I didn't recognize myself or my life. I felt tired, depressed, and hopeless. Then I saw the commercial. I felt like God guided me here. I would say to anyone asking about this program,"You deserve to wake up happy, you deserve to love your life," and that's what White Oak Wellness has done for me...Given me back my life!"

Karen Washington

30 lbs. in 40 days!

"I had tried everything. Absolutely everything. Nothing helped my extreme allergies. It was so bad it felt like my feet had been cut with razors. I wanted to lose weight but mainly wanted my health back. I have no more extreme allergies AND I have lost weight. Just try it, come in and talk to them and try it."

Andrea Davis

32 lbs. in 40 days!

"I had lost 50 lbs. on my own following my lapband, but could not ever get past a certain weight, past my plateau. I was eating healthy, or so I thought. I decided to look into White Oak and ended up joining that same day. It is all logical, the technology is amazing, and the program is easy. I am most amazed, aside from the weight loss, by my mental boost, uplifted optimism, and new outlook on life. It's just amazing! 

Bruce Williams

40 lbs. in 40 days!

"I had reached a place where I knew I needed to change. No one wants to face that place, that rock bottom place, but I was finally ready to. I saw White Oak Wellness on tv and decided to call.

This was easy, it really was. Absolutely the best decision I've ever made. Now I know how to eat to stay healthy. I am off all my medications, and I feel great."