How do I register a student for auditions?

1. Be a member in good standing of the National Association of Teachers of Singing. 2. Have an account at 3. Login to the nats website 4. Navigate to the "Member Home" tab (at the top of the page) 5. Scroll down about half way to find the "Student Auditions" button and click it. 6. All auditions for which your students are eligible will appear. This is where you register for all NATS events, local chapters through nationals.

The deadline for registration has passed. May I still register my students?

No. Once the deadline has passed, there are no new registrations for any given event.

Will the program save my progress? I have many students to enter.

Yes! You may exit the program and come back when you have more information. DO NOT submit registration until all students, their repertoire, and their accompanists have been entered.

Why can't I play for my students?

1. All participating NATS teachers will serve as adjudicators for events in which they do not have students entered. 2. Student singers benefit from working with a variety of professional musicians.

What happens if we use a photocopy instead of an original?

Any copyright infraction will be brought to the attention of the resident officers. If it is judged to be an actual copyright violation, then the student in question will be disqualified from placing in the competition. The student will receive comments but will be ineligible for any awards.

I have another question, what do I do?

Go to our contact page and submit your question. We will get back to you as soon as possible... and may even add your question here. :-)

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